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International Youth Day: Young People are Transforming Communities

We Trust You(th) features young leaders: Get to know multiple youth-led efforts toward impactful and meaningful advocacy.

Copper Rose Zambia and IYAFP in The Women Deliver 2023 Conference


Amazon Theatrix Ensemble

Based in Kenya

August 5th, 2023, Kisumu Manyatta Slums

Photo description: "Employing the use of Community Participatory Education Theater (CPET) in sensitizing youths and young people on the effects of drugs and substance abuse on their socio-economic development in the quest of Addressing Climate Change."

Twitter: @AmazonTheatrix

Instragram: @amazon_theatrix


Jeunesse Solidaire

Based in Cameroon

May 30th, 2023 At Muna Foundation in Yaounde -cameroun

Photo description: "We held a seminar to advocate for universal health coverage in Cameroon for the poor and popularized health insurance for the poor in our society. This had a national impact insofar as in public policies the State of Cameroon has since accelerated the process of universal health coverage for the poor and has also placed particular emphasis on health insurance."

Twitter : @solidaire2014


Elevation Zimbabwe

Based in Zimbabwe

Victor Makotsa

May 29th 2023, Kentucky Hotel in Harare

Photo description: Victor Makotsa.

Youth Facilitator at Elevation Zimbabwe.

Co-founder of Clean & Save

Secretary General for the Young People’s Network on Sexual and Reproductive Health, HIV and AIDS (YPNSRHHA) in Manicaland.

National coordinator for the Africa Sustainability Alliance

Committee member for the Education Coalition of Zimbabwe –Mutare District.

Twitter: @Victor12445378


Youth Alliance Working Group of

the Children's Policy and Funding Initiative

Based in USA

Emily Davis

October, 2022 in Washington, D.C., USA

Photo description: "In this snapshot, I am standing on the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building where I just participated in advocacy day in Washington, D.C. with fellow youth activists from the U.S. Youth Peace & Security (YPS) Coalition and the Youth Alliance Working Group. The image captures the pivotal role we played in urging Congress to pass the Youth, Peace, and Security (YPS) Act. Our determination led us to meaningful discussions with Congressional Representatives, as well as officials from the U.S. Department of State and USAID. The YPS Act calls for a comprehensive strategy that acknowledges youth’s pivotal role in peacebuilding, conflict resolution, and post-crisis recovery. Additionally, we called for the creation of the non-partisan Congressional Caucus for Children and Youth Globally further solidifies the commitment to amplifying youth voices in shaping policies that transcend borders, confronting challenges like COVID, conflicts, and climate upheaval. This photo encapsulates the unwavering commitment by myself and other young people, depicting young people as voices of change who stand united to make the world a more peaceful and equitable place for all."

Twitter: @cpfi_yawg


Community Health

Based in Sierra Leone

Sam Sheka Moi

May 30th 2021 at Evangelical Primary School, New England Freetown.

Photo description: "Sam is a feminist with over five years experience in advocacy in Sierra Leone and beyond my mission si to bring joy to the poorest of the poor young women and girls so that they can live a better a life. I organized community oeganizing for action with these girls so that they have a better education and help them with soft and physial skills to solve all social problems. The community organiing for action has amplified girls voices in the community, they are volunteering to make a positive change. they an now speeak for themselves."

Twitter: @SamShekaMoi


Safe Engage Foundation

Based in Kenya

22 April 2022, Kehancha, Migori County, Kenya

Photo description:"I believe in youths leading initiatives towards positive change in their communities, I work towards ending harmful practices such as Female Genital Mutilation, child marriages and Gender Based Violence, ensuring Quality education for children and women Economic empowerment.

Impact: Over 250 children have been able to share their minds with us for follow up for their mental wellness support. Parents have been challenged by their own children about their actions and over 30 parents have changed their attitudes on how they handle their families especially children. Through the Advocacy initiatives both girls and boys understand where to dun to for protection if they are forced to FGM and child marriages, over 150 girls run to our rescue center during the December2022 cutting season."

Twitter: @Safefdn


YouthNet Global

Based in Bangladesh

Jimran Mohammad Saiak

March 3rd 2023, in front of national press Club Dhaka

Photo description: "The programme is part of the global climate strike organised by the worldwide school students’Academics and youth climate activists at a rally on Friday urged the government and investors to stop funding fossil fuel projects and reduce the country's reliance on such fuel imports.They also called for an expansion of renewable energy to build a climate-resilient and energy-secure Bangladesh in the days to come."

Twitter: @JimranMohammed

28th March 2023 at Bangabandhu Military Museum

Photo description: "At the Bangladesh Energy Prosperity Conference I was speaking as a child and highlighting the imperative of child and indigenous participation in policy making decisions."

Instagram : @helloyudhishtir


Community Support Center / CSC-Asbl

Based in Democratic Reppublic of Congo

June 3rd, 2023

Photo description: "Projet d'Accompagnement des Femmes Agricultrice (PAFA) This project supports agriculture women by teaching them how they can commit to environment protection and combating climate change effect through agriculture. We are teaching them how to install compost, How can they be fertilized the soil, how to recycle plastic bottles to irrigate their garden."


Hawa Feminist Coalition

Based in Somalia

Jun 15, 2023 in Garowe, Somalia

Photo description: "As climate change is one of the most critical problems facing Somalia, along with other ever-lasting conflicts and political instability that the country has been going through for the last thirty years, these emerging Somalia young feminist climate activists come together in a workshop held in Garowe, Somalia, on June 13–15, 2023, and they come out to take the lead in climate change activism and be at the heart of the fight for climate justice in Somalia. They also demanded immediate action on the devastating climate change crisis in Somalia and the inclusion of women and girls in decisions related to climate response."

Twitter: @FeministHawa


Bareedo Platform Somalia

Based in Somalia

August 9, 2022, Magacley Village, Somalia

Photo description: "I worked with Somali rural communities’ traditional elders in the mediation of some bloody water conflicts that have been increasing among the rural communities in Somalia as a result of successive droughts caused by climate change. With the success of my mediation efforts and finding some permanent solutions for water conflicts, I developed a guideline manual for the management of rural water resources and the reduction of conflict over water resources among communities in the rural areas of Somalia. The manual, which is the first of its kind, is intended to help Somalia’s traditional elders and rural community leaders set up their own community-based water management structures to help them manage and share water resources equally and find solutions to water-related conflicts in the face of the worst climate crisis in Somalia."

Twitter: @BareedoPlatform


Reimagined Future Initiative (RFI)

Based in Nigeria

October 22, 2022, at Ijegu, Yala Local Government

Photo description: "This photo was taken during one of my team's (RFI) visits to a Catholic Primary/Secondary School in Ijegu in Yala LGA of Cross River State. While we were implementing a Women Deliver Funded project in the state. We had a Comprehensive Sexuality Education lecture with the students of the school and it was held inside the Church's auditorium. This photo means much to me because it speaks to how far and accepted we and the message of CSE that we advocate for has come and is being accepted. So much so that a Catholic Priest, who happens to be the Proprietor of the school requested that we come and deliver the CSE lecture to his students, including other Church-owned schools."

Instagram: @reimagined_future_initiative



Based in Burundi

May 20th, 2023, Bururi

Photo description: "After noticing the importance of teaching young people at an early age about issues related to the protection of the environment, I went to teach especially the pigmies and their children the problems related to deforestation. The children were happy to understand the importance of protecting the environment."


CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality

Based in Netherlands

April 19th, 2023

Photo description: "In April, 2023 CHOICE was fortunate enough to travel to Lomé, Togo to facilitate a workshop on meaningful youth adult partnerships! Together with Plan International, CHOICE has been exploring how we can make partnering with an iNGO more youth friendly and accessible to young people. This was an amazing opportunity to connect with different youth partners, youth led organizations and Plan staff from Togo, Mali, Nigeria, Uganda and Zimbabwe, to work towards a better approach to youth partnerships!"

May 24th, 2023

Photo description: "This photo was taken at a workshop in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The workshop was facilitated by CHOICE together with Plan International and aimed to equip Young People with the tools they need to enter into Equitable Partnerships with iNGOs. We connected with youth led organizations from the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador to discuss best practices and challenges when it comes to partnering with young people. Together we exchanged knowledge and best practices on how we can pool our brainpower to help young people navigate their partnerships with iNGOs!"

Instagram: @choiceforyouth


Tanora IRAY Analamanga

Based in Madagascar

8 july 2023, Antananarivo, Madagascar

Photo description: "The regional coordinator of the Tanora IRAY association, Youri PHILIP, is in the process of advocating with the Minister of Youth and Sports to allow young people to have access to adequate sexual health services and information during an opening of stand in collaboration with the United Nations. Tanora IRAY is an association run by young people to promote the sexual and reproductive health of young people and adolescents."



Based in Kenya

February 3rd, 2022. At Nyadorera- Usonga Ward, Siaya County

Photo description: "This is a woman who had been chased away from her marital home due to land disputes, had gone to check on her and document her story with some media personnel, later the story was featured in the newspapers and in one local TV station, through that she got a pro bono lawyer who is still supporting her to pursue the case."


Green Girls Platform

Based in Malawi

8 March 2023, Lilongwe, Malawi

Photo description: "The described project by the GGP team on International Women's Day at Mitundu Primary School aimed to empower girls through technology education and climate change awareness. By teaching about innovation's role in gender equality and environmental solutions, the project challenged stereotypes, equipped girls with skills, and fostered eco-consciousness. Its impact includes empowering girls, breaking gender norms, fostering environmental awareness, engaging the community, and nurturing future leaders and advocates. This initiative exemplifies how targeted activism can create lasting positive change."

Instagram: @greengirlsplatform

Twitter: @GirlsPlatform


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